Complete Book of Corfu Walks
Complete Book of Corfu Walks

Purchasing the Complete Book of Corfu Walks
The Complete Book of Corfu Walks is on sale at a price of 20 euros. To order, click the Buy Now button above which will take you to the payment page on the secure Paypal website where you can pay with an existing Paypal account or with your credit or debit card. After your payment is verified, you will receive the pdf copy by email. (Because sending is not automated, you will generally receive the file within 24 hours.) THIS PRODUCT IS ONLY AVAILABLE AS AN EBOOK. NO PRINT COPIES EXIST.

Walking in Corfu
For over 30 years I have been walking the length and breadth of Corfu, hiking in its mountains, and rambling in its olive-blanketed hills and open plains. The more I explore, the more I confirm that the island of Corfu is a walker's paradise, with a huge variety of scenery, lovely footpaths and trails, many places of interest to aim for, and - despite heavy development in a few places - an unspoilt and venerable atmosphere.

Corfu Walks for Everyone
Here, in the Complete Book of Corfu Walks, I share with fellow enthusiasts the knowledge of walking I have gained over my years in Corfu. The file contains almost 100 walks in every corner of the island.

Corfu: The 'Walking Island'
For the purposes of this book, I have divided Corfu into 11 geographical regions, and the walks have been placed in them according to their starting point or according to which other walks they best link with (though their route may intrude into an adjoining region).. In many of the walking regions, the routes form a footpath network, and they may also link with routes and networks in adjoining regions. Thus, many locations are ideal as a base for a walking holiday. In addition, the walking regions are all linked with each other by way of the Corfu Trail, the island's long-distance walking route.

Corfu Walks and You
We have designed the Complete Book of Corfu Walks in pdf format so that each walk's information and guiding notes are on a single A4 sheet (a few walks run to two sheets). You may wish to laminate the sheets for ease of use during your walk. You can see an example of one of the walks here.

Updating the Complete Book of Corfu Walks
As a buyer of the book, your name and email address will be kept on record, and you will be sent FREE UPDATES upon request.

Unfortunately, graphics greatly increase the size of a pdf file in this format, and their inclusion would prevent dispatch by email of the document. As a result, this book does not contain maps. The best map of Corfu is Freytag and Berndt's 1:50,000 edition, though it is not 100% accurate, and it does not depict most footpaths.

Hilary Whitton-Paipeti, author.

Some other books for those interested in walking in Corfu:

Walking in North Corfu
by Hilary Whitton-Paipeti
On an island where walking is a pleasure, North Corfu is a true outdoor paradise. The North Corfu walking region extends over the Pantokrator Massif and resorts close to or within the area covered by this guide include Roda, Acharavi, Almiros and Agios Spiridon.
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Walking in North East Corfu
by Hilary Whitton-Paipeti
This walking region incorporates the string of picturesque bays between Nissaki and Kassiopi known as 'Kensington-on-Sea'; the resorts of Barbati, Nissaki, Kaminaki, Kalami, Agios Stefanos, Avlaki, Kassiopi and Apraos; and the mountain villages of Loutses, Lafki, Old Perithia and Porta.
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Walking in Central (North) Corfu
by Hilary Whitton-Paipeti
From the flat Ropa Plain to the rugged west coast hills, the Central Corfu (North) walking area encompasses a huge range of landscapes. In the Central Corfu (North) region, you walk to mountaintops and along high ridges, and in the lowlands through pastures alongside rivers and streams. And throughout the region you wander amongst the endless olive groves which blanket the rolling hills.
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Walking in Central (South) Corfu
by Hilary Whitton-Paipeti
Dominated by the island's second highest mountain and its spurs. To the north, rolling olive-clad hills, dotted with some of Corfu's prettiest villages and mazed with tracks and footpaths. Terrain varies from gentle olive grove tracks to rough and stony paths hugging mountainous slopes.
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Walking around Paleokastritsa
by Hilary Whitton-Paipeti
The second in our new series of regional walks in Corfu. Explore the network of ancient stone-cobbled footpaths and rural tracks to the north and south of Paleokastritsa. Visit the west coast villages of Lakones, Doukades, Liapades and Krini.
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Walking the Corfu Trail
by John Waller
Three septuagenarians walk the Corfu Trail in eight days. They photograph flowers and sample Corfiot cuisine. Each day their local guest-walkers tell their stories. The maps and description of their walk are invaluable and the photos of the flowers are the first published for the island.
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Plant Lists
Flora Ionica - An inventory of ferns and flowering plants of the Ionian Islands.
Corfu Flowers - Photographs showing many of the island's flowers, identified and named by a botanist whilst walking the Corfu Trail.

Wish to know more about Moraitika and Messongi, two of the most attractive seaside villages in Central South Corfu? This guide will tell you all you need to know.

Properties For Sale on the Corfu Trail: Walking Houses for Walkers
Would you like to own a house on the Corfu Trail, in or near one of the traditional villages that this long-distance walk passes through? To live on the Trail full-time or for holidays? Perhaps to make a rental income from walkers, or from other visitors seeking the real Corfu? We have old village houses, modern homes and villas, and potential conversions to holiday cottages and B&Bs, as well as land for development. Prices start at 15,000 euros.
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